⚡ Bark At The Moon With an Iphone 7 in a Paradise City ⚡

About 6 months ago,  I came out of the Dark Ages and ditched my BlackBerry for an Iphone 7. It wasn't easy coming out of the closet - in fact it took about 3 years of jokes, 102 looks of horror and most frightening : the prospect of a Mobile Phone Nose Job.  Yep, I had one too many of 'Text-In-Bed-Drop-Phone-On-Face" experiences. 

I have to say that I love my iPhone 7 and I have been snapping away faster than James Hetfield can say 'YEAH!' in one sentence.

These are examples of my night shots; London is such a powerful yet peaceful city at night, just like Angus Young after recess and his nap.

The Shard ie Pointiest Tallest Thing in London

View of the Cheese Grater Building from the Hays Galleria

Cool Shiny Building by London Bridge

The Shard, The Spartan & The Sanctuary
Disco time at MI5

Crimbo in May

St Pauls Gone French Cancan

Peekaboo Moon

The Moon and a Mate!

My house :-)

Bushy Moon

The cloud shape cracks me up!!

I am literally a lunatic and will snap the Moon at every opportunity available. Better that than me mooning on camera, right?

I wonder if anyone else fancy this or am I the only Moon Stalker?!



  1. Haha! Love this!fellow moon-stalker here!!

  2. Haha keep 9th June free then as our friend is fully coming out then ;-)


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